Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?

Be part of the design industry’s leading design professionals, and exchange trade resources and best practices, all while being efficient, and more productive with our LUX design support.”

The LUX Advantage

Work with one of our knowledgeable LUX associates, to help streamline your vision by choosing and pricing items to facilitate your vision.

Use one of our conference rooms, and offer a professional work space with presentation screens, wifi, theme boards & samples of products.

Have your clients try out furniture on the spot with an associate to make sure that the details and guarantees are explained thoroughly.

Take advantage of our “lunch and learns” with various professionals from the design industry.

Book our showroom for special events.

Have access to our shared work space, with access to our printers, coffee bar, and all of our amenities, while working at your own pace.

Cut traveling time by using our one stop shop.

Interact with other amazing designers who are all passionate about design.

Have access to our private community to discuss problems, share images, get ideas and find solutions. 

Be part of our social media community to grow our collective visibility and following.

What qualities does a LUX Affiliate require?

An independent designer who has steady clients and is established in the industry 

Someone who has a social media presence and is looking to grow their business 

A person who shares our core values, and lives by the same principles 

The attitude of finding solutions and working in a team environment atmosphere

An ability to collaborate and work closely with other professionals and share knowledge without feeling threatened 

The right mindset, and the pursuit of excellence 

Someone who is organized and detail oriented

Join the first collaborative design community of its kind in Canada

Silver Package

Unlimited access to co-working space within business hours

Shared open work spaces 

6 hours of conference room space a month 

Access to members only exclusive events 

Access to work with Designer associates by appointment

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Gold Package

Includes Silver Package Benefits

8 extra hours of conference room space a month 

4 LUX decor assisted presentations per month

Access to seamstresses and custom confection

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Start the process of becoming a LUX Affiliate today!

The Affiliate program allows for designers to join the exciting new LUX. Taking advantage of what LUX offers, our Affiliates earn more and design better for their clients.

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